Structural Core Materials


  • Withstands high process temperatures
  • Excellent adhesion and mechanical properties
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Recyclable
  • Compatible with all types of composite manufacturing techniques
  • Now benefits from ‘LITE’ surface treatment technology to reduce resin uptake

Gurit® G-PET™ is a highly adaptable, recyclable, thermoplastic foam with a good balance of mechanical properties, temperature resistance, density and cost for a wide range of applications and production processes. Gurit® G-PET™ is GL approved.

Gurit® G-PET™ can be processed at high temperatures, withstanding exotherms up to 150°C / 300°F and offers outstanding fatigue properties, chemical resistance, good adhesion and is a highly consistent extruded foam. It is ideal for wind energy, marine, industrial and transportation applications.

Typical Applications

Gurit® G-PET™ is used extensively in wind turbine blades, civil and marine structures. Gurit® G-PET™ is available in sheet, grooved/ perforated forms or kit-cut to customers’ desired shapes.