Gurit’s Automotive composite part production facility has been supplying leading OEMs with carbon fibre based Class-A composite panels since 2007. The development of innovative technology is the defining strength of Gurit and is enabled by the unique understanding of composite materials, structural design and materials processing. This knowledge base provides the capability to formulate, design, prototype and manufacture fully assembled, primed and coloured exterior body panels.


The elusive objective of all composite panel manufacturers has been the attainment of an A-Class surface. Gurit’s award winning SPRINT™ CBS materials technology has provided the breakthrough, enabling the production of A-Class carbon body panels directly from the tool, whilst utilising out of auto-clave moulding process.


As the result of extensive in-house research, Gurit has now developed a press process to reduce the labour and time needed to make high-performance composite panels. With a curing time of just 10 minutes, the refined process allows for the manufacture up to 40,000 parts per year from a single tool set. CBS 200 takes automotive parts production to the next level.


Gurits experience in the automotive market has led to the development of a range of composite materials for the industry and its suppliers, designed for a variety of applications, both structural and cosmetic. These materials offer class leading performance along with the recognised benefits of composites; strength, lightness and the ability to fashion complex shapes.

SC 110 is a new cosmetic grade prepreg that utilises a high clarity, versatile, hot-melt epoxy resin formulation. The unique formulation ensures that no dicy white-wash or spots are evident in the cured resin, reducing scrap rate by up to 20%, ideal for manufacturing high visual quality components.

SC 160 is a visual grade prepreg that utilises a high clarity, versatile, hot-melt epoxy resin formulation and is suitable for interior and exterior applications, where a high clarity finish is required in conjunction with a high Tg.

SE 300 is an ideal prepreg resin for high temperature composite applications, as it combines the ease of processing and handling convenience of epoxy resins, high temperature stability of polyimides, and flame / fire resistance of phenolics.