Modern mass transportation needs to be fast, efficient, comfortable and safe. Velocity, energy efficiency and passenger comfort and safety have a lot to do with the design concept, smart components and the materials employed: the lighter train carriages are, the faster a train can accelerate, move and brake. A lighter train also uses less energy per passenger distance covered. Stronger, more durable and easy to clean materials translate into lower maintenance cost over the whole life span of a train.

Passenger comfort also requires lightweight, compact and durable materials, so designers can design train car interiors, or seat structures that offer passengers amongst other features the maximum individual space and leg room, a friendly and clean environment and excellent noise and pressure protection during high-speed motion. The key parameters of passenger safety are the fire, smoke and toxicity performance of the materials chosen. All these aspects can be optimised by using state-of-the-art composite materials and solutions from Gurit.

With over 30 years of experience as a prime composite materials supplier and engineering partner to a broad array of industrial markets including high-end applications such as today’s most advanced passenger aircraft, award-winning high-performance boats, prestigious cars or weight and performance optimised composite wind turbine blades, Gurit also understands the most pressing needs of the rail market.


High FST, lightweight structural monolithic and sandwich constructions:

  • PH 840 - Established Phenolic Prepreg for rail applications
  • 120 FRS Range of High Performance Epoxy Products, curable from 95°C, including:
    • SE 120FRS - EN45545 tested epoxy prepreg
    • SF 120FRS - surface film compatible with certain phenolics
  • ST 70FR - structural 70°C curing Fire Retardant Epoxy SPRINT™
  • SF 80FROBL - Fire Retardant Obliterated Black, 85°C curing Epoxy Surfacing Film
  • Gurit® G-PET™ FR - Structural Core Materials
  • Gurit® Balsaflex™ - Structural Core Materials